Dragon Pillar

    (MV) Right & Left Dragon Pillar



    Provided are Wireframe Maps, Shadow Maps, and a Base texture to work from.
    To use a shadow map, Place it over your texture and add a Blend Multiply to remove the white and leave the shadow blended into your image.
    Feel free to use the base texture I have provided as a start to add details to.
    Using just the base texture and not changing anything will result in a lot of the same color dragon statues in the catty and yours wont be any diff from anothers, Your choice.

    M00- Body







    M01- Wings







    M02 - Front Legs







    M03 - Head, Inside Mouth, Teeth







    M04 - Horns, Eye







    M05 - Ball







    M06 - Pillar







    M07 - Feet







    M08 - Tail







    M09- Back Legs

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