Peddlers Inn

    (MV) Dev Peddlers Inn Room



    Note :- This room is made with 3 diff mesh pieces. Inn, Landscape, and Foliage, Please make sure your on the correct tab when looking for material slots.

    Provided is the Wireframe Maps, Opacs, and Colored Templates to use on mesh to identify parts easy.


    Inn Main Tab

    M02 - Windows







    M04 - Big Window







    M05 - Kitchen Top, Archway







    M09 - Door







    M15 -Pillars, Railing Poles.







    M16 -Poles, railing etc







    M17 -Celler Storage wall







    M18 -Window Surrounds







    M23 -Decor RoofTop








    M25 -Doorway







    M30 - Pathway








    M27 - Stairs








    Landscape Tab

    M29 - Fence








    M30 - Background Trees - Make your own BG or use these








    M31 - Ground Pathway, Make sure you blend this into the ground using blend so the edges will blend in with whatever ground cover you use.







    M32 - Rocks

    Foliage TAB

    M35 - Bush - Use Opac Mapping to create cut out bush, like these shown








    M36 - PlantsUse Opac Mapping to create cut out plants





    M38 - Tree Branches- Use Opac tree







    M39- Plants - Use Opac Plants





    M40 - - LEAVE THIS TEXTURE BLACK - Its a blackout for use when looking from behind keeping things neat for viewing underground.

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