Castle Lakes Room

(MV) Castle Lakes Room



Note :- This room is made with 3 diff mesh pieces. Main, Dome, and Trees, Please make sure your on the correct tab when looking for material slots.

Provided is the Wireframe Maps, Opacs, and Colored Templates to use on mesh to identify parts easy.

Lake Castle Main Tab

M00 - Ground Tiled Texture with vertex shading covers all levels. No Map Required

M01 - Front wall and surrounds. No Map Required

M02 - Wall Toppers







M03 - Water Underneath Layer- No Map required

M04 - Lake Bottom Ground - No Map Required

M05 - Windows







M06 - Top Wall







M07 - Inside Top Wall - No Map Required

M08 - Inside Window Extra panel for water ripple affect - No map required

M09 - Downstairs Inside Front Wall - No map required

M10 - Inside Pillar Lower and Divider







M11 - Inside Rear Ground - No map required

M12 -Landscape Grass - No map required

M13 -Second Floor Back room walls- No map required

M14 -Inside window looking out under water







M15 -Inside Stairs, Steps, Outside Pillars, archwall







M16 -Ceilings - No map required

M17 -Roof - No map required

M18 -Inside Back Pannels







M19 -Top Railing - No Map Required

M20 -Inside Stairway Walls- No Map Required

M21 -Outside Top Walls- No Map Required

M22 -Dundgeon walls - No map required

M23 -Frames and Archways







M24 -Roof Cones- No Map Required

M25 -Waterfall - No Map Required

M26 -Inside Arches







M27 - Water Above- No Map Required

M28 -Outside Stairs , Dundgeon Bars







M29 - Ivy using opac- No Map Required

M30 - Pathway








M31 - Front Underneath Wall- No Map Required

M32 - Doors








M33 - Bridge







M34 - Rocks near waterfall- No Map Required

M35 - Outter Castle Rounds- No Map Required



M36 - Clouds- No Map Required

M37 - Sky- No Map Required



M38 - Tree - Use Opac tree

M39- Dead Tree - Use Opac Tree

M40 - Shrubs- Use Opac Tree

M41 - LEAVE THIS TEXTURE BLACK - Its a blackout for use when looking from behind keeping things neat for viewing underground.