Marshland Room

(MV) Der Marshland Room



Note :- This room is made with 3 diff mesh pieces. Landscape, Dome, and Cottage, Please make sure your on the correct tab when looking for material slots.

Marshland Landscape




M06- Plants








Marshland Cottage





M06 - Potplants








M09 - Inside Walls








M11 - Outside Walls







M12 - SideLogs







M14 - Eve







M15 - Support Decor







M17 - Veranda Wall







M18 - Windows







M19 - OutsideWalls







M23 = Insidewalls







M24 - InsideTop







M28 - Windows







M30 - OutsideWall Top







M31 - Door, Potplant boxes







M33 - Eves







M34 - Bridge







M35 - Windows