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Welcome to the new and improved website operated and owned by MV. I am still currently updating things as I go along and transferring tutorials and links over from my old site, so its still a work in progress. Hopefully so far there is a good selection of my works to view and get a general idea of work I am currently involved in. This site was created for that purpose and to be able to directly interact with my customers and co-workers. I hope to expand more in the tutorial section as I go along and build on different areas of the site to help it become more interactive.

Feel free to leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Kelly A Jones-Sousa

    Hi, I LOVE your designs ! I have done both The Inn, and Castle Lake, and I just taught myself how to do lightning, and I started on Castle Lake. However I am not finding the maps that were with it a long time ago. Can you please tell me if the maps are still available and where to find them ? Also, if you have textures on sellfy, let me know, I purchase from there alot XD.

    Thanks !
    Kelly Jones Sousa
    IMVU – CauriHawk

  2. Kelly A Jones-Sousa

    My apologies, I found the maps. Thank you so much, you are one of my favorite developers !

    Kelly Jones Sousa

    aka CauriHawk

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