Adding Sounds

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When visual is just not enough

Note;-Any virtual good that includes any embedded audio not from the IMVU Music Mix Service (includes, but not limited to: music, sound effects, voice), will be automatically adjusted to only play a maximum of 20 seconds of the source file. you can find out more about this in the Virtual Goods Rating Policy

Learning to add sounds to products in create mode is easier than you think,
but before we head into the easy part there are a few things you will need:-

A sound

IMVU requires the .ogg format for your sound files to work in the imvu client which means first we have to obtain our sound and then convert our sound to the .ogg format. There are a few ways to obtain your sound files.

* Recording your own sounds can be simple,
most computers now come with a sound recorder much like this one shown on the right, you will also need a mic. (Just check in your all Programs> Accessories folder for the sound recorder for windows 7)

Be creative in your sounds, it need not be only your voice you could find all sorts of sounds around your home. Be sure to remember files on imvu have a 20 sec limit.
If your using windows your recorder will save as a windows media file.

* There are many places on the net that offer sound files, be sure that you are are able to purchase the license for commercial use. Many of these files are in formats unsuitable for imvu. avi, wma etc so they will need to then be converted to the .ogg format for imvu.

A Convertor

* next step is to convert your sound file to .ogg format. youll need a program for that. I use Switch sound file convertor, but there are many programs out there that you can use for this purpose. Once you have these steps done, we are ready for create mode.






Now comes the easy part….yay !!



The first thing you need to do is open up a product that you wish to derive from, for this tutorial we are going to use the imvu empty Female clothing (2191901) but you can add sounds to any product you wish.

For example if you want to add creaking sounds to a coffin when it opens you can do just add it when you derive the coffin and so on.

So open up create mode and choose the Derive New Product and go to the Empty Derivable’s tab, select the Female clothing and hit the yellow Go button.


You then want to go to the actions tab and select + ADD


The trigger box is where you can place any word you want, this will be what you write into the imvu chat box to have your sound play and the one that shows up if you right click your avatar in the imvu scene.

Sound Box

In here youll browse for your .ogg sound file you created


If this box is checked the sound will loop over and over.


Click this button to test out your sound but be sure you have hit the apply changes first.

Male, Female Compatability

If this is a product for your avatar and you want it to be compatable for both male and female avatars, you will need to head to the config tab.

Compatible Body Pattern ID: This field is not used for Rooms. For clothing and Accessories, you may want to choose which avatar product number you wish your new product to work with. In this case, you would type 80 for the female avatar or 191 for the male avatar. In the case of Accessories, you can type 80, 191 so that it works for both

And your done..!!

All that is left is to save and submit your product.
imvu has a file upload limit of 2mb.

So remember, You can add as many sounds to a product as you wish as long as the total weight of all the files do not exceed 2mb. you can also add sounds to any product you wish to, room ambiance sounds, squeaky chair sounds, voice boxes
and these are just a few ideas.

Happy Creating .:)