Female Skin Enhancments

Working with Layers and Tools
This is where we make the default skins appear toned and add some extra cleavage and shine.

Assuming you already have my skin file templates downloaded from here . Both the FemaleMasteHead and FemaleMasterBody have them unzipped and opened in Photoshop….then we shall begin.

For this tutorial I will be using Adobe Photoshop CS version 8. Please understand in no way do I consider myself as a professional skin artist, this tutorial is just to help get creators started and understand skins.

As explained in the 2D Layout tutorial…Your avi in IMVU is made up of layers….First you have your Body …basically known as your Avi….Then comes your Skin this wraps around your body……and last you have all the stuff that can go over your skin….clothes…accessories….some of these items can change the shape of your avi body…Give a guy bigger muscles or a gal bigger breasts or a tiny waist. So these body changes come from your Clothing mesh…NOT your skin

So you can not make a skin have bigger muscles or bigger breasts…..all you can do with your skin….is give it the best appearance with shadows and colors to seam like they have….so when you place your clothing over the skin it will make those enhancements you added…look 10 times more awesome.

What we are going to achieve in this tutorial is to make your female body go from the default in this left picture….to the enhanced….in the right picture. I am going to use the 50 Deg skin…but these tips can be used on any of the skin tones in the file you downloaded from my site.

Female Layout

Female Layout

First we are going to play with the layers within the files. You should already be familiar with the layer panel a little from the 2D layout tutorial….or the male skins tutorial.

So… Look over your layers that the file came with….your layers panel should be on the right hand side of your screen….if you don’t have a Layer tool box visible as yet on your Photoshop work area……..find it via your windows tab up the top bar of Photoshop…then in the drop down menu…choose Layers…..and it will open all your needed layers Panel.

Same as with the Male Skins…I want you to open the little drop down arrow beside the folder called Final Layers…You can play with turning on and off the little eyes next to each layer to make them unvisible or visible on your skin…this will give you more of an idea on what each layer adds to the final appearance.

Now select the layer called SHADOW_25% click on the actual tab to make it go a darker grey then go up to the Opacity slider….slide that up and down and look at your skin…notice it will go dramatically more enhanced to show deeper shadows.

Head Layout

On each set of skin files you will see many diff layers that you can play with the opacity to achieve diff shades of each. There is a folder there called instants…..open this folder and you will see cleavage and belly….you can duplicate these layers to give a deeper cleavage or belly define….

abs layer

You can duplicate any of the layers to give the deeper enhanced look.For nail polish…Find your Fingernail and toenail folder…then double click on your polish layer and the Layer Style box will appear…in this box you can do a lot of cool things for text affects also….we will cover that in a later tutorial…..for now we need to highlight the color overlay section…you will see a little red box in the right hand top side….you need to click on the red square and select whatever color you would like your polish to be……use this layer styles box to also change the shadings colors….if you have a real white skintone….you may not want to use the brown shadings……so just change these to the color a little darker than your skintone.


*IMPORTANT….what ever color you choose to overlay ‘remember’ what that color you chose was…..because when you do your head you will need to overlay the shadings on your head the same….if you dont you will end up with mismatched colors from your head to your body around the neck section……and I have seen many of these missmatched skins out there….

Now say you want to make this into a vamp skin. all you now need to do is uncheck the eye next to the 50 Deg base layer down the bottom…and select the White Vamp Layer. This will keep all your shadows still enhanced. You can change it to any of the shades you like….Have a play. Hover over any of the layers in the pic below to get a quick idea on what some of the tones look like.

Now you have your basic layers looking good….we can still add a few more enhancements to make our avi look that little bit better…ok..I am not the “queen” of female skins…so I can only teach you how I do them…..there are many out there that excel in the female skin work….but with these basic tips…maybe you mite become one of those that can produce awesome real like looking skins.

Now we are going to do some drawing ……This time we are going to do it a little diff than we did in the Male skins…..we are going to use our base skintone…and we are going to use the 2 nifty little tools called the burn and dodge tool.

Scroll down your layer panel and select your base layer 50 Deg…..Duplicate this layer…so you now have 2….one u can work on….and one for a backup…incase you stuff up.

Now select your dodge tool from your tools panel dodge ..in Photoshop on your looks menu some of the tools are hidden behind another….the dodge tool should be on the top visible when u open Photoshop….then if you right click on that dodge tool..another menu will show up……this is where your burn and smudge tools are…

dodge tools

What this little niffty dodge tool does…is it takes whatever color u have…and it lightens it a few shades lighter…..The burn tool..burn … will darken whatever color u are working on.

Keeping your instants layer on….do some drawing around the same shape of the instants…using these as a guide…..make them nice and dark…..then take your blurr tool….make it a low strength….and blur these lines a little into your skin…giving it a softer look…..this example here is just a very quick done one…to give you a basic idea…..I used my burn tool…then a blur….then I also used the smudge tool…..to smudge the line a little up over the side of the breast…..you can turn off the instants layer to give you a better idea of how your work is going…

Ok..so we want the dodge tool again…..you can zoom your skin file up closer…so you have a good view of the belly area….set dodge tool to these settings..youll find that info…on the top bar of your Photoshop when u click on your dodge tool.

dodge settings

Make sure the range is on highlights….now we want draw a U onto the belly of your skin…curving in a little at the sides to give it that toned affect of a stomach…..you want to make the U all in one go…..otherwise if you overlap your line…it will show up lighter in some areas……


Now that looks real bright…way to light for your skin…..rather than going back though and trying to do it all over again……select edit from your top tabs and click on the fade dodge tool from the drop down menu and fade the line down a little.


Ok..once you have that looking a better shade….then select your blur tool blurand go over it to blend it more smoothly into your skin.

Now we select your burn tool…this is the one hidden behind the dodge….right click and select itburn and set the top settings as shown.


Now we want to go around the outer edge of the U to give it that darker shade look…and also a line just above the belly button ….then once u have the desired affect…blurr that also into your skin.


Now go back to your dodge tool….same settings as you used the first time…and we want to draw some highlights on the outer side of where you put the burn lines. Then blur them in also.


You can do a few more little touch ups around the place to give it a little more shine on the belly here and there…..you can also use your dodge tool to add highlights to the rest of the skin…..usally on the ass cheeks….upper breast….front of the legs….a little on the arms….add some to the collar bone….use your burn tool as well…this is where your creativity comes in….just play around then try it in the previewer and see what looks good.. this is where I use my dodge tool.






Ok…Your done with your body……..YAY……save your file as a png..test out your skin in the previewer…..see if you like your look….your own skills will come into it here…..as there are a lot of diff ways you can go….to achieve the look you desire….Just play…be creative…..make your own unique style….

Dont forget to also save your file as a Photoshop file….so you can always use that as your base template for whatever degree skintone you wish.

Now onto the head for your body…….the female avi is a lot more fussy than the male…being the fact that they like lots of diff shades of makeup……

Open your head file now…..in the female head file….you will find a few instants…..these are just basic eyeliner and blush….your lipsticks can be changed in the same way that we changed the fingernail and toenail polish…..and the layers can be manipulated to give it more…or less shine.

For now..Ill let you play with your own design in makeup……I may come back and add to this tutorial with a few tips on eyeshadows after I have finished with some Tattoo tutorials..

Please drop me a message if you found this tutorial useful…..as feedback is always good to have….tutorials take time to make….and its nice to know people out there are using them…..you can send me a message straight from this site in contacts section….