Marshland Storage Insert

(MV) Der Marshland Storage Insert



Most of these maps are taken from other product mesh I have done such as the Tower room Kitchen stuff,
So if you have done those maps you can reuse parts of your maps you have already done.

M01 - Frypans, Stove Pot








M02 - Cooking Pot








M03 - Milk Can








M04 - Bread Board, Baking Tray







M05 - Wooden Barrel Casket








M06 - Cooking Pot, Bowls








M07 - Jugs








M08 = Bowls, Kettle, and Cups








M09 - Bowls, Plates








M10- Untensile Holder








M11 and M12- Basket








M12 and M12- Picnic Basket







M14- Basket