Landscape Texture Tutorial

Creating a Landscape Texture using a black/white map.

For this simple tutorial we will be using a black and white map created in photoshop and building our landscape ground.

Right click and save this image, then open it in photoshop.

Now Lets begin to create our landscape.

1. Create a new layer and call it ground

layer tab – New layer

2. Select the middle pond black color

Select tab – Color range – click on the black color

3.  Fill in this section a single color

Use side fill tool

4. Create a pattern with the texture you wish to use, Ill be using a sandy soil for the pond ground

Open a sand texture in photoshop then go Edit Tab- define pattern – name it

5. Now double click the pond ground layer you created in step 3 to open the blending options window and select the Pattern Overlay tab

Find your pond ground texture you just made into a pattern and scale it whatever size you need


Repeat steps 1-5 for all black/white colors that you want your landscape to look like, you can even paint in more colors to create diff patches of dirt as i have for a road, etc

to result in something like this

This texture is provided for my Gypsy Life Room Here