How to Remove Pose Spots from Furniture

Want to remove those annoying poses from a furniture product and make it a No Pose product?
It can be done on most furniture items but …

Poses can only removed from furniture items that are using the default basic ‘Root’ node. Furniture that uses custom node/bone structure will break if you replace it’s xsf.

Incompatible Furniture that use custom node/bone structure include.

All examples above use a custom node structure in order for the additional animation affect to work.
Your will soon know if the mesh you are trying to make into no-pose has its own custom skel, as the mesh will become broken and the animation will no longer work, in some cases the mesh can become warped or vanish all together.

This method is ONLY for furniture. Rooms will break if you use this.

Create an Empty XRF with no seat nodes.

  • Open Notepad and paste in the following text.
    <SKELETON NUMBONES=”1″ SCENEAMBIENTCOLOR=”0.560784 0.560784 0.560784″>
    <BONE NAME=”Root” NUMCHILDS=”0″ ID=”0″>
    <TRANSLATION>-2.12096e-005 0 2.12096e-005</TRANSLATION>
    <ROTATION>0 0 0 1</ROTATION>
    <LOCALTRANSLATION>2.12096e-005 0 -2.12096e-005</LOCALTRANSLATION>

    Space it out if you want it to look pretty like below, but it will still do the same job all in a line

  • Save As Empty.xsf
    (Name can be anything but it must have the .xsf or it will not save correctly)

Open your project in Create Mode

  • Go to the Config tab
  • Replace the product’s existing xsf with the one you created.
  • Apply Changes and the seats will have vanished.

If the mesh vanishes the mesh uses a custom node structure.
Your only recourse in that case is to contact the mesher and ask if they will make an alternate no seat version.